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Professional piano lessons in Reading

Welcome to Rose Cam Music School website. Rose is a music teacher with over twenty years experience, teaching Piano, Theory of music and Musicianship.  

The latter seeks to develop the candidates understanding of musical sounds. This enables the music student to interpret the sounds they hear and when called upon to sing them in tune.

For this element of musicianship, Rose uses  Zoltan Kodaly’s approach to teaching music. This is called Tonic Solfa (Solfege)

Different stage for learning:

Rose starts teaching children from aged Six weeks upwards in a group setting. Parents, Carers and grandparents  stay in the session. This lesson is of 20 minutes to 30minutes duration.

Piano Sessions:

Pupils who have gone through the early years musicianship can start piano lesson at the age of 3years-4years  deepening on individual student’s interest and ability. Rose ensures that the candidate learns  in a child friendly environment; starting the lessons at each pupil’s level and move at their pace.

All Piano Candidates:

Candidates can be entered for graded music exams ( if they wish to )when they reach certain musical standard.

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